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If you are a mom like me, you probably worship night time. Nighttime is when I finally get a couple of hours to myself. If you are not a mom, I know you get it too.

What a perfect time to practice self-care, and I hope you do. When you think of self-care, I’m not quite sure what pops in your head, but I want to emphasize that, self-care if not defined by what others think self-care is. Self-care is what makes YOU feel good and what makes YOU happy.

Perhaps, a nice hot bath fills up your cup.  Maybe sitting down, literally doing nothing makes you happy. Maybe joining a fishing class or baking cookies. There is no wrongdoing if you are doing it for you. I mean as long as it’s nothing illegal right? 😛

While those are all awesome ideas, to get you brainstorming, I really want to focus on nighttime self-care ideas, because I know that when you have kids, or a day time job, nighttime is the easiest time to squeeze in some self-care.

Self-Care Practices in 10 minutes or less

P.S. if you have more then 10 minutes to spare, that’s even better!

Meditate- If you are new to meditating, grab some headphones, find a video on Youtube searching meditation, and I promise you won’t regret it. The way you feel when you are done, is simply, amazing.

Take a hot shower or bath- I don’t think I have to go into detail just grab some bath bombs and wala!

Color- Do you have one of those fancy adult coloring books, they are not only awesome but super relaxing as well.

Go outside- Sit outside, and enjoy the fresh air. Alone. In peace, you totally deserve it.

Watch a show- Or a movie, whatever YOU want. I mean most my days are listening to Paw Patrol in the background. So anytime I get to watch something I love, alone, it’s actually pretty awesome!

Go get some alone time- away from your house. Whatever your favorite thing to do is, go do it, go walk Target for no reason, go fishing, go to the library, whatever floats your boat.

Call a family member or a friend- When you are always talking to kids or co-workers, or if you work from home, having someone else to talk to is refreshing.

Listen to music or a podcast- Lay somewhere comfy and listen to inspiring podcast or nature sounds, like the ocean or rain, etc. You just can’t beat it.

Workout- Hey, this may not necessarily be “relaxing” but you will feel great when you are done.

Paint your nails- Something easy, and fun!

What I hope you can take from this post is, there are all sorts of self-care practices, and you taking at least 10 minutes out of your day can make a huge difference for you and your family! Self-care is so important, to make yourself a priority and happy!

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