Make it rain – a homeschool activity for kids

Make it rain –  A homeschool activity for kids!

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Good morning friends!! We are starting to prepare for our homeschool year here and I was thinking of some fun indoor activities to keep the little ones busy for a while! What better than to give your kiddo foil and food to make a bunch of noise with? (that sounds terrible ?)

It doesn’t rain here much so I thought, let’s make it rain! Its fun, messy, and a learning experience and cost close to NOTHING! You are welcome ?

Here are the materials we used (but of course you can use whatever you want)

Pinto Beans 

Great Northern Beans 

White Rice

Corn Flakes

Macaroni Noodles


Cookie Sheet




Take a small handful of each material or food being used and place it in small bowls or cups (we used cupcake holders)

Spread out some foil onto a cookie sheet (best for rain on a tin roof replica)

Grab a little bit of the food or material with your fingers and drop it like rain on the foil, as if it were raining! (It’s that easy!!)


Who knew the kiddos would have so much fun for such a little cost? The beauty of it is, is you truly can make it your own! Use whatever materials/food you want!

I hope you enjoy this fun activity with the littles! Have a wonderful week!



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