I’m dreaming of a unicorn Christmas


*this post contains affiliate links, no biggie it just means I may make a small commision if you click on a link and buy something from my blog- see full disclosure here*

I mean my daughter is 😛 It’s the most magical time of year, and what is more magical than Christmas trees and unicorns to a little girl who loves them?? My daughter over the past six months has become unicorn obsessed from unicorn cereal to unicorn toys, you get it, right?

If you are reading this I am assuming you know someone who loves unicorns and they maybe want some unicorn gifts for Christmas or a birthday?? Either way my friend, I have you covered!!

Here are some awesome unicorn gifts for every unicorn lover in your life!!

Barbie Princess and Unicorn Giftset – such a fantastic combo! – you can get it here

Get this super cute unicorn pillow here

Unicorn Jewelry Box- you can buy it here

Barbie Unicorn Pet Doctor- buy it here

Little Live pets – Sparkles my dancing unicorn- buy it here

Scratch and Sketch Unicorn Adventure book- buy it here 

Cute unicorn bedroom light – buy it here

Unicorn Chair – So cute!! – Buy it here

Can’t forget Uni the Unicorn – buy it here

How cute is this bottle?? I think I may need one too 😉 buy it here

There you have it, my friend, these unicorn gifts are sure to make any unicorn lover happy!






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