How to hide your Instagram hashtags on Tailwind

How to hide your Instagram hashtags on Tailwind 

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You guys! I have a secret that I want to scream to the world! Assuming that if you clicked on this post, you either love Instagram or use it for your business. Which probably means you use hashtags.

If this sounds anything like you, I would stick around here, because you are totally going to want to hear this!

As a content creator, Imagine being able to schedule out a few weeks in advance and not having to touch Pinterest or Instagram(with the exception of being interactive on the platforms). The answer to that dream my friends is, Tailwind.

Tailwind is more than just scheduling, its a way of business and life.

how to hide instagram hashtags through tailwind


The ability to hide your hashtags in your first comment on Instagram. 

Let’s be honest here when you have an Instagram post full of hashtags, it may look like a tad bit messy. Like your kids just threw toys everywhere after you picked up the living room.

Now, you have the ability to not only include up to thirty hashtags, but you also have the ability to hide those hashtags for a gorgeous post! Let me show you what I’m talking about here!

Who doesn’t want a clean post??

This is an example of what it would look like without hiding your hashtags, possibly a little desperate?! (it’s ok we’ve all done it)

This is how you hide it in the first comment…

























 The beautiful result is simplistic & pretty! And of course, traffic-worthy with all those hashtags! 

Never underestimate the power of a good hashtag! If you have never used Tailwind’s service before you can try it out here credit card free (bonus!)

Just think, with a click of your mouse, all your scheduling dreams can come true!

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