Have you ever thought about creating a Pinterest group board but you don’t know where to start? Do you have Pinterest group boards and your still trying to figure out what to do with them? Or are you thinking “what the heck is a Pinterest group board?”

No matter where you stand with group boards, I am going to provide you with all the information you need to be successful at running Pinterest group boards.

I remember a few years back, I got a notification on Pinterest that said, “so and so added you to this travel board” My first thought was who added me to what?

At the time I didn’t claim myself to be a blogger of any sort, nor did I have a business account. Back then.. “back then” like it was a decade ago, probably at least three years ago getting added to a board was way more complicated than it is today. So I must have re-pinned something that got me added to the board.

Although I had no interest in pinning to that board, looking through it was amazing. There was so much content that I could re-pin and it sorta kinda opened a whole new world of information for me.

The point is, is that’s exactly what Pinterest group boards are for. To collaborate, to be able to grow your reach, find others who make content similar to yours.

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  • What are Pinterest Group Boards?
  • Should you create Pinterest Group Boards?
  • How to create Pinterest Group Boards + Add contributors
  • What boards should you make group boards?
  • How to set up SEO for Pinterest Boards
  • Rules: To use them or not to use them

So what are Pinterest Group Boards?

Pinterest Group Boards are exactly like any other board you create on your Pinterest profile, except you add contributors to collaborate with you. Meaning you add some Pinterest friends, blogging friends, family, friends, whoever you want to also provide similar content to that board.

What is the point in adding the contributors?

Most group boards are created to help get your content or your friend’s content spread more through the Pinterest interweb. The more contributors you have, the more views you have. That sounds great, right? I mean it’s almost like free advertising. So let’s jump straight to the most important question of all…

Should you create Pinterest Group Boards?

I want to just say YES, YES, YES!!!! But before you just jump into it. I want to hone you in on a few things first!

  • My Pinterest reach would not NEARLY be where it is if it wasn’t for Group Boards.
  • There is a little responsibility that comes with them

When I say there is a responsibility, I don’t want that to scare you away. Let me give you all the details.

  • Adding contributors can be hard sometimes, however, Pinterest has rolled out this new feature that has made it ( I don’t even know if I can find the word, it is absolutely amazing!!! We will get to that later)
  • It may take some time to build, you won’t have 100 contributors overnight
  • Not all contributors are good contributors. Again don’t let this scare you (this is your board and you have control over it)
  • Sometimes pins are not relevant, you can delete the pins as well as remove the contributor.
  • Not every single board you have has to be a group board
  • Only make group boards for content you are trying to share

How do you create a Pinterest Group Board + add contributors?

  • Login to your Pinterest Account and click on “boards”
  • Next, click on the “create board” picture, as shown below

pinterest group boards

Next: Name your board something simple so Pinterest users can find it. For instance, If this were a Christmas board you would be better off naming it Christmas rather than “the jolly season” or “my favorite time of year” because who is searching that on Pinterest?

pinterest group boards

Next you need to edit your board. Click on the pencil icon.

pinterest group boards

My FAVORITE part!!! The new request to join tab!!! Note that this part specifically can only be done on the Pinterest App! The new Request to join tab! All you need to do is swipe that button to the right hit save and that’s it!!

This new feature it the best time savor ever. Once you turn that tab on, people can request to join with the click of a button.

pinterest group boards request to join

Or you can add contributors to the boards the “old school way” Hit the Grey invite button and search people by there Pinterest usernames or their e-mail and then hit the Red invite button.

pinterest group boards

Creative ways you can invite contributors to your group boards:

  • Share your group boards in Facebook groups
  • Add them to your website
  • Advertise them on Pinterest, Facebook, and any other social media sites you want

Now that you know how to create group boards, consider how many boards you would like to make group boards.

There is no wrong or right answer. I have almost all of mine as group boards. All it takes is a little extra love and they are in tip-top shape. Maybe you only want two and that’s totally ok too!

  • I wouldn’t go crazy
  • Create group boards only relevant to your content
  • Make sure you are going to be actively pinning to this board as well, a dead board won’t do you any good

How to add SEO to your group boards and boards that will 100% increase traffic! 

  • SEO is King, Queen, whatever you want to call it. This should be done immediately after the creation of the board name!
  • Add keywords to your description that are relevant to your board.

Let’s go over:

  • Where to find keywords to add to your group board
  • What keywords you should add to your group board
  • How to add keywords to your group board

Let’s use my Christmas board for example as we talked about before.

The best place to find keywords for your Pinterest boards is none other than Pinterest itself. It makes sense right? Finding what is most popular searched on Pinterest is going to explode your traffic! Let’s see how to do just that!

First, ask yourself what is your board about

Mine is simply named “Christmas” so I searched Christmas in the search bar on Pinterest and as you can see the most popular searches appear, which include:

  • Christmas decor ideas
  • Christmas crafts
  • Christmas tree ideas
  • Christmas ideas
  • Christmas wreaths

If your Christmas board will include everything related to Christmas, I would add ALL of these keywords to your description. The more keywords the better, however, you still want it to be relevant to your content you are expecting will be added to your board. If you aren’t going to add certain things, just leave that out.

pinterest group boards

Another way to really stretch those keywords and get the most out of it:

See how the first search is Christmas decor ideas? If you add that to the search instead of just Christmas, even more, popular searches will show up. These are perfect to add to your board description, especially if you are looking for something specific.

pinterest group boards

But wait there is more:

This is whats “trending on Pinterest”. These are also high-quality keywords that I highly recommend adding to your boards. Again, the ones that are relevant are key unless you have a very broad board.

pinterest group boards

How to add those precious keywords to your group boards: 

pinterest group boards


Yay!!! Now that you know how to create a high-quality group board, here are a few other things you should consider:

  • Having a set ground of rules

Yes, rules. I know were not in kindergarten. Yet, unfortunately, these rules were applied because some people act like it. You definitely want rules, however, it’s up to you to choose where you display them.

A lot of Group Board owners display them in their group board description. It’s great to have it just out in the open, however, I like to use that space for my keywords, so I message my soon to be contributors. I inform them of my rules, it’s basically a “if you don’t follow these rules you will be removed from my board along with your pins”

It’s up to you how you display them or where, or if you have them at all. It’s courteous to inform them at least once, even just through Pinterest messenger. Just don’t forget this is your board.

For example My Christmas board recently I noticed a pinner was pinning her photography to my board, and although they are gorgeous pictures, keeping her those photos there wasn’t helping her nor me. Who was going to come to my Christmas board or anyones for that matter to look for pictures? And no they weren’t Christmas pictures.

So I messaged this user through Pinterest to let her know that her pins would be removed and so would she. You see, I have worked hard on building that board. So it’s nothing to feel bad about.

What rules do I set?

These are my rules:

  • Please pin only relevant content to this board
  • Please don’t be spammy as is pin all the time and things that aren’t relevant 
  • Pin size doesn’t matter to me (those are your pins, your content and your work)
  • Please share other pinners content when you can

As you can see I am not super strict with my rules, I am pretty laid back, all I ask is a few simple things. I don’t know about you but I don’t have time to babysit. I go through every couple of weeks to check for spammers.

Fun Fact: I know this works! Here are my stats from Tailwind! 

In just the last 30 days I have gained almost 200 new followers! Every day I gain new followers, not every day is the same, but since January this year, I have gained over 1,700. That’s when I got serious about my Pinterest SEO!

P.S. Tailwind is the ABSOLUTE BEST Pinterest tool ever created, you should check it out here!

tailwind traffic

What I hope you take with you…

Group boards are AMAZING! They take work, yes, but they are worth it! There is also nothing wrong with creating one if you want to start with and then maybe once you get the hang of it, create another and so on.

Please please pin this post so you can reference back whenever you need too!!!


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