Christmas is right around the corner, which means you’re probably on the hunt for some gifts for someone! Maybe that special someone loves Fortnite?!

I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge gamer but my kiddos are, so I was on the lookout for some Fortnite gifts, and thought hey why not help out my fellow parents, grandparents, anyone else looking! Because we have to stay on top of these things right?!

I have pulled together the top ten most unique gifts I could find for all Fortnite lovers out there! You’re welcome!

*this post contains affiliate links, no biggie, that just means I may make a small commision if you purchase something that is linked in my blog*

FLOSS LIKE A BOSS YOUTH T-SHIRT – If my boys had this shirt, they would think they are the bee’s knees. This shirt has a huge variety of colors, perfect for pro flossers!

3D OPTICAL NIGHT LIGHT SAFE FOR KIDS – How awesome is this?!

FORTNITE MONOPOLY – I’m a huge Monopoly nerd so I probably would buy it anyway!

ACTION FIGURES – What little kiddo or adult doesn’t want a classic action figure?

FORTNITE BLANKET – Perfect for this time of year right?!

WALL CALENDAR – Calendars are still cool as long as they are Fortnite Calendars right?!

FORTNITE 20 OZ TUMBLER – Perfect for the tumbler and Fortnite lover!

FORTNITE ALARM CLOCK – Maybe this is the secret to getting the kids out of bed for school?!

PLUSH TOY- CHRISTMAS EDITION – Perfect for mini Fortnite lovers

PLUSH TOY – The original version

There you have it my friends, the most unique Fortnite gifts on the market.

Happy Holidays!


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