DIY Halloween dyed rice

DIY Halloween dyed rice

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You guys!! Am I the only one who is shocked that Halloween is right around the corner?! Every year we say time flies and faster each year and its so true!! My kiddos keep talking about what they want to dress up as and they keep asking “mom is it Halloween yet”? so I’m kinda already in the Halloween mood! On the other hand, its been so hot here, too hot to go outside I’m talking like 110 plus! So being in the house with four kiddos can be crazy at times and I had to come up with something fun and new!! So what do you get when you cross fun and new and Halloween?? Halloween Dyed Rice!!



When I decided to make this dyed rice, I already knew it was going to be really messy because I have four kids and because I mean they are playing with rice! My best advice is to prepare yourself or maybe if it’s cooler where you live definitely go outside! The best part is your kids will LOVE it and you’re going to feel very creative and like you won mom of the day!

For this super easy DIY craft you will need:

White Rice (preferably so true colors show through)

Orange and Black food coloring 

Sandwich Baggies




Step 1: Measure one cup of dry white rice and dump it into a sandwich bag

Step 2: Add 1/4 of a cup of vinegar into the sandwich bag with dry rice

Step 3: Add food coloring in the sandwich bag with the dry rice and vinegar to your liking (the more color, the more vibrant and bold they rice will be) zip up the bag and mix the rice around, covering all the rice in color and vinegar.

There are the three simple steps to making Halloween Dyed rice! Now that your rice is made, all you need to do is dry it, I laid mine out on a cookie sheet and let the rice air dry outside, however, if it’s not hot enough outside, you can let it dry overnight (just make sure it’s dry when you let the kiddos play with it)


The wonderful thing about this craft is you truly can make it your own! Add other fun Halloween colors such as Green or Purple! Use fun pumpkin carving kit shovels (shown above) Add some fun plastic spiders! Anything you want!! I hope you have a blast! (let me know what fun creative ideas you come up with!)



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