Yeah, I know sounds kind of crazy right? Since decluttering is a huge craze right now, why only declutter your home? You should declutter every aspect of your life. That includes social media, friends, doing things that only you love, etc.

Let’s face it, most chances are you have a Facebook whether you want to admit it or not, and while Facebook may have the most users in the world, out of any social platform, it also is one of the most negative (at least in my opinion)

When I first signed up with Facebook 10 years ago…ish, I was like happy, meaning I would see any brand I liked and hit the like button. Same with friends, I would add anyone I went to high school with or co-workers, you have done this too, and I right or am I right?

In the past, I have unfollowed news stations for all the negative posts, and maybe unlike a few pages here and there, but not until recently have I really buckled down and decluttered my Facebook.

Before I help you declutter your Facebook, I just want you to keep a couple of things in mind.

  • I know, it may sound weird that you can “declutter your facebook” but I promise it will be worth your time.
  • Most chances are you won’t finish this is one day, so allow yourself the time. I’ll admit, it gets a little exhausting, but you will feel so much better once you do!
  • Ask yourself before you do any of this, is it worth your time at all? If you don’t care for Facebook, why not just delete it all together?


Step 1: Declutter your friends – Lets all just be honest with ourselves, and admit we have friends on Facebook that aren’t really “friends”. They may be people who we went to high school with, co-workers, people from events you met, or maybe acquaintances, you get the point right?

So ask yourself why do you keep them on there? Are they really your friends? Do they provide any joy when you log in to Facebook? If they do not, you need to either remove them or unfollow them. It may be hard to hit that button at first, but once you unfriend the first person, you will realize how good it feels to detach.

Step 2: Declutter your likes – As I mentioned above, when I first joined Facebook, I was “like happy” meaning I would just like all kinds of pages and brands. My feed would be completely full of post that did not bring me joy. Go to your likes on Facebook, and unlike the pages you really don’t like.

I highly suggest unliking the pages, while you are able to unfollow the pages, but for me personally, I still felt cluttered in my mind. Going through and taking all that time to remove all of that junk from my feed wasn’t worth just “unfollowing” the page to me.

Step 3: Declutter your groups – Groups are so easy to get sucked into, there are so many types, honestly, you could join one for everything you love, but who has time for that many groups? I suggest only being in a few groups that you love, that you truly enjoy contributing too. Even if you love a topic, sometimes groups are full of drama, which is silly, to begin with.

I would focus mainly on these three steps, there are a few other tweaks you can do, such as setting your profile to private, maybe take down some old pictures, etc.

Once you have done at least the three main steps, slowly but surely you will start seeing a new and improved Facebook, that will actually be enjoyable again.



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