It’s already that time of year!! Already, I can’t believe how fast this year has flown! I have to admit though, as I sit here and write this blog post, I am listening to Christmas music on shuffle. I am so excited to celebrate the holidays with my family and friends, and my blogging buddies.

So excited in fact that I wanted to help you brainstorm what the heck to write about for Christmas! There are so many topics, and posts but sometimes it can get overwhelming! Cheers to blogmas!!

Christmas stockings 

  • DIY stockings
  • matching stockings for the family (maybe a gift guide)
  • stocking fillers for girls
  • stocking fillers for boys
  • stocking fillers for kids
  • stocking fillers for toddlers
  • stocking fillers for husband/dad
  • stocking fillers for wife/mom
  • stocking fillers on a budget

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Christmas themed food

  • Christmas cookie recipes
  • hot chocolate recipes
  • Christmas dinner ideas
  • alcoholic Christmas drinks
  • non- alcoholic Christmas drinks
  • Christmas dinner leftover’s (what do you do with them)
  • healthy Christmas recipes
  • Christmas appetizers
  • Christmas breakfast ideas
  • eggnog recipes

Christmas tree

  • before and after Christmas tree makeover
  • Christmas tree themes
  • Christmas tree decor
  • homemade Christmas decor
  • decorate Christmas tree on a budget
  • color coordinated Christmas tree (maybe a post about color combos)
  • Christmas tree lights

DIY Christmas

  • DIY advent calendar
  • DIY Christmas stockings
  • DIY letter to Santa
  • DIY Christmas ornaments
  • DIY Christmas decor
  • DIY Christmas nail art
  • DIY Christmas cards
  • DIY ugly Christmas sweaters

Christmas Fashion/Beauty

  • Christmas inspired nails
  • matching Christmas outfits (for kids/whole family)
  • matching Christmas pajamas for the family
  • Christmas hairstyles
  • Christmas OOTD
  • Christmas family pics (what to wear, colors that coordinate)
  • Toddler Christmas fashion
  • Winter/Christmas inspired shoes
  • Winter outfits for gifts
  • Ugly Christmas sweaters
  • outfits for your pets

Miscellaneous Christmas ideas

  • favorite Christmas traditions
  • favorite Christmas childhood memories
  • new Christmas traditions for your family
  • letters to Santa
  • how do you celebrate Jesus’s birthday
  • write a Christmas poem
  • holiday playlist favorites
  • Christmas playlist favorites
  • homeschool traditions for Christmas
  • how to have a festive homeschool in December
  • gifts for your pets
  • fun games to play on Christmas
  • would you rather Christmas edition
  • a bucket list for December
  • A Christmas bucket list
  • best movies for December/Christmas
  • how to wrap gifts like a pro
  • favorite candle scents/smells
  • how do you and your family get into the holiday spirit
  • favorite holiday vacation spots
  • where to look at Christmas lights (hotspots in your area)

Christmas/Holiday decor 

  • holiday decor on a budget
  • Christmas tree decor
  • table decorations
  • outside decor
  • outside decor on a budget
  • how to decorate for Christmas like a boss
  • Christmas couch decor
  • Christmas outside doormat

I hope I was able to inspire you today!! Please share with your blogging/vlogging friends!




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