25 water balloon games for summer fun

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Summer is here!!! Which means….its water balloon time!! If you enjoy playing with water balloons or have kids who do, then this is the perfect post for you!


1. A CLASSIC WATER BALLOON FIGHT – grab some buckets, your favorite balloons, as many as you can and have some fun!!

2. WATER BALLOON BASEBALL- grab a plastic baseball bat or whiffle ball bat (preferred), fill up your favorite water balloons and play ball!! This doesn’t have to be a full-blown traditional game, even just hitting the balloon is a fun way to play!

3.WATER BALLOON TRAMPOLINE – if you have a trampoline or plan on getting one, I HIGHLY suggest getting one, and getting 500 to 1,000 water balloons (I know sounds crazy) and jump and have a blast! This will keep your kiddos entertained for a while!!

4. WATER BALLOON ARCHERY-  We have a metal archery target and tape smaller water balloons to the target, and the boys just go to town with their bow and arrows!

5. WATER BALLOON TARGET PRACTICE-NERF STYLE – a fun spin on water balloon fun! A simple way to do this would be to set up a cooler, or a plastic bin, flip some cups upside down, and set a water balloon on each cup, and boom instant nerf targets.

6. WATER BALLOON JUGGLE- a very simple classic way to keep the little ones busy! Or even us parents! Grab some water balloons, practice your juggling skills, and make a splash!!

7. WATER BALLOON WATERCOLOR – I highly suggest doing this outside! Put some paint into the balloon, add some water, and shake it up, (just remember the amount of water you put in will affect the density) If you want brighter colors, add less water if you want more of a watercolor look add more water! Toss the balloons at the canvas, or another way you could do this is if the balloons aren’t exactly popping, you can poke a hole in the balloon and squirt it onto the canvas, etc.

8. WATER BALLOON SHEET PAINTING – Let me just say, this has to be bar far one of my favorite water balloon painting activities! Buy a cheap white sheet or if you already have one, that is perfect! Hang it on a wall, such as your fence, etc. You can either tape balloons with only paint or RIT dye in them, or add water with RIT dye and watercolor! Next is the fun part, popping them! You can either use darts from afar or walk right up to it with a push pin! You’ll love your beautiful creation!

9. WATER BALLOON HOT POTATO- Play the ever so classic hot potato game with water balloons instead! Sit in a circle, pass the balloons to the person next to you, turn on some music and when the music stops whoever has it loses (or the balloon pops)

10. WATER BALLOON BASKETBALL – do you have a mini basketball hoop for toddlers? If you don’t I highly suggest this one! Fill up a big cooler full of water balloons and let the hoop practice happen!

11. WATER BALLOON SURPRISE TOYS – (this one is a little more tricky!) However the littles love it! Put a small surprise toy in the water balloon, full up the balloons and let the kiddos pop it! Either by throwing it or simply popping them within an object of your choice!

12. WATER BALLOON HOPSCOTCH – Draw out the classic hopscotch game with some chalk, place a water balloon on each space, and try to jump on them as you hop!

13. WATER BALLOON DINO STOMP – I love this game for my kiddos even seven-year-old LOVES this! Simply fill up a bunch of water balloons, cover as much of your patio as you can and let the kiddos just stomp all over them! This otta keep them busy for a while!

14. WATER BALLOON PINATA – I have used normal sized balloons and normal sized water balloons for this! Either way, the kids love it! Simply hang the balloons from a tree, upside down, with a string and grab a pinata stick and let the kids go to town!

15. GLOW IN THE DARK WATER BALLOON FIGHT – Grab some mini glow sticks like these, fill them with water, and place the mini low sticks in the balloons and wala! Everyone loves to have fun with a glow in the dark party!

16. FILL THE BUCKET– This game is super fun because you really could play it however you want! However simply grab a small laundry basket, a big popcorn bowl etc whatever you have, and place it on your head (if that is too hard than feel free to just hold it in front of you) have someone toss water balloons across from you and try to make it in the basket, set goals of how many or if you drop a balloon you lose (etc) again you can be flexible with this game!

17. WOODEN SPOON RACE – remember the classic wooden spoon egg race? This is just like that except with water balloons, whoever drops the balloon before the end of the finish line loses.

18. WATER BALLOON HUNT & THROW – this is almost like the classic water balloon fight, except you have to find your balloons first! This could be a fun glow in the dark style or during the day! Color code the balloons, and the kiddos have to find their color, and those balloons will be the ones they use for the fight!

19. WATER BALLOON TOSS – grab a water balloon, play catch, and every round, take a step back, to make it more challenging! Whoever drops it and pops it loses!

20. WATER BALLOON TIC TAC TOE – play the classic tic tac toe game with water balloons, just color coded instead! So instead of x’s and o’s just use blue and green etc, and when you are all done, then pop them!

21. WATER BALLOON TAG – Tag, you’re it! Except with water balloons!

22. WATER BALLOON HIDE & SEEK – when you find the hider, tag them with a water balloon before they get to base!

23. WATER BALLOON MUSICAL CHAIRS- This game is so fun!! Instead of having one less chair for how many people there are, keep the chairs equal to how many people there are and place water balloons on a chair. Whoever sits on that chair is out, and repeat!

24. COLORFUL POOL POP – Do you have a fun outdoor kiddie pool?? Fill it up with water like you’re gonna swim! Add some water balloons with some food coloring and have the kids pop them! This is fun and will amaze your kiddos!


25. RACE TO THE POP- You can use regular sized balloons or you can use the normal size water balloons! Simply stand back to back with a friend or family member, place the balloon between your backs, and race to pop the balloon only using your back!

There you have it! 25 fun water balloon games that me and my family LOVE! I hope you enjoy at least one of these and can have some fun with your kiddos this summer!!




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