10 Lessons I have learned about homeschool

10 lessons I have learned about homeschool

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Back to school is almost here for most of us! As I start to plan our homeschool year I have been reflecting back on the past two years and first off being amazed that this is now our third year ALREADY!!

And also reflecting back on how much we have learned, not only about our children, ourselves and homeschool itself! If you are thinking about homeschooling or you already do, I want to share with you 10 lessons I have learned along the way, and this is just to prepare you or maybe just to relate too!

Us homeschool families gotta stick together, am I right or am I right??


  1.  ALONE TIME – What’s alone time?? No seriously what is it? I have said it before, but I have four kids! All under the age of seven! It’s just the facts! If you homeschool or choose to, kiss that sweet time goodbye. Honestly, I didn’t realize how little I do get until I started to stay home and homeschool. You will get used to it, but don’t be like Elsa and let it go! I highly suggest trying to find some, even if that means going to the ever so lovely Target, and just looking around! (whatever you like) It will be worth it I promise!
  2.  KIDS NEED IT TOO – While also on the subject of “alone time” don’t forget your kids need some too! With you, or even alone by themselves. Regardless if it’s an hour away in their room doing whatever their little hearts desire, going outside to play, everyone needs alone time! Period.
  3.  CURRICULUM – Save money and create your own curriculum! There are so many resources and websites out there with printables, etc. Use the library, buy used books, go to the dollar store for as long as you can for books etc, look for sales! (Just because the curriculum is available to buy, doesn’t mean you need to spend money on it!
  4. BUILD YOUR OWN SCHEDULE – The beauty of homeschooling is you can learn whenever and wherever you want!) Seriously, there are times where we homeschool at night, sometimes in the morning, you don’t HAVE to wake up eat breakfast, and do school, embrace the freedom!
  5. GO OUTSIDE – Everybody should go outside! During our winter months, I sometimes will take the kids to the park for two to three hours, and bring snacks and drinks and just play! Let them get messy and have fun! Sometimes I will even exercise while they are playing!
  6. SOCIALIZING –  We all need friends, even us parents! set up play dates, join a church, volunteer, go on field trips, (keep in mind if money is tight play dates will do) If kids get to play outside for a couple hours with their friends, it makes a world difference. Don’t beat yourself up for not being able to take your kids to cool places, you will! It may just take time! Enjoy the moment. (P.S. some places offer free days like a zoo, for example, some offer discounts to groups, so take advantage of what you can!)
  7. SNACKING LIKE ITS THE FIRST TIME – I knew my kids were gonna eat but my goodness gracious, but snacking in our house is like the end of the world is coming every day!! Just keep in mind you’ll probably need more snacks than you think, especially if you have more than one kid!!
  8. THE LIBRARY The library will be your best friend, if you don’t go regularly, I highly suggest making it a habit, I go typically only once or twice a month, we check out the motherload of books at once! This will save you money (really I mean why buy books if you can use them for free!?)
  9. A SUBJECT A DAY – Personally for me, this is something I picked up on within the first year, and I am telling you to help you! I used to do the very typical way of teaching especially amongst schools, do each subject for roughly about 45 minutes each! Well, that didn’t last long at all! I decided to do one subject a day instead for a few reasons! One, because I have four kids, and teaching that many kids, that many different subjects a day just isn’t fair to the brain! The other reason why is because it’s easier to focus on one thing at a time. Kids already have short attention spans as it is, this allows them to keep the focus on one thing at a time.
  10. GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK – This may be the most difficult task yet. As a mom of four (I know I already told you) I had to come to the realization that sometimes you just need a break. You may hold yourself accountable for what schooling is done, and not done, but if there ever is a day where you say to yourself “you know what, we’re just not going to do school today” that’s totally “a” ok! You’ll do whatever you were going to do the next day or whenever you get to it!

Needless to say, there really isn’t anything easy about homeschool besides the fact that we chose to do it  ??? (at least at first)! If you are just starting out, you got this mama, and if you’re already a homeschooler, what did I miss??

Later this week I will have my favorite homeschool resources for you!!


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