10 glow in the dark games for summer fun

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Summer is right around the corner, which means outside fun! Recently I shared 25 water balloon games with you all! Now it’s time to share with you, 10 glow in the dark games for summer fun!

1. GLOW IN THE DARK WHIFFLE BALL – I LOVE whiffle ball, and so does my whole family, when we go out on a nice warm sunny day, we head out to the splash pad, and green belts for some whiffle ball fun! How fun and SIMPLE is this?

Simply buy some glow sticks like these ones and just place them into the whiffle ball! As far as the bat goes, you can place some at the bottom of the bat, just for fun!

2. GLOW IN THE DARK CHALK FUN – Glow in the dark anything is fun, and if you want just a simple type of night, grab some glow in the dark chalk! Like this ! Let your imagination run free, seriously!

3. GLOW IN THE DARK TIC TAC TOE – There are a couple of ways to do this! You could, grab some glow in the dark chalk as we talked about above, and do it that way, or you could paint some rocks with glow in the dark paint and play it that way! Either way will be fun!

4. GLOW IN THE DARK WATER BALLOON FIGHTS – Grab your favorite water balloons, fill them up, and add a mini glow stick in the balloon! And boom!! Simple, cool, glowy fun!

5. GLOW IN THE DARK HIDE AND SEEK – Put on your favorite glow in the dark jewelry, bracelets, necklaces, etc. Turn off the lights and have fun! Again, this is a simple and fun way to put a twist on a very classic game!

 6. GLOW IN THE DARK BOWLING – This honestly can be inside or out, whatever your heart desires! Glow in the dark bowling you can be really creative with!

You can either, use old two-liter bottles of soda and add some glow sticks in the bottle, or you could get an inflatable set and add some minis into the inflatables.

7. GLOW IN THE DARK EGG HUNT – Salvage last years plastic Easter eggs and again use some mini glow sticks = instant fun! Your kiddos will think your the coolest parent on the block! (Or world)

8. GLOW IN THE DARK SWIMMING – I LOVE this twist on swimming! First off who doesn’t love night swimming? The sun has finally gone down and now you can swim in warm water!

Literally, grab some glow sticks and toss them in the pool!! Grab some mini glow sticks, and add them to pool toys!! Like a beach ball! Heck, I want to do this! Right now!!

9. GLOW IN THE DARK PAINTING – Time to let your inner artist out! I remember one year, for Halloween, my son and I made this cut and paste candy corn and covered the whole picture with glow in the dark paint, and still to this day it glows at night on our fridge (It was about five years ago!)

The possibilities with painting are endless! You can paint a simple construction paper with all kinds of colors, to glow on your fridge! Or grab a canvas and make a glowy galaxy to hang in their room! (The beauty in this is you can keep it forever!)

10. GLOW IN THE DARK DANCE PARTY – This doesn’t have to break the budget, and it doesn’t have to be all the kids in the neighborhood or from school! It can also be a simple family movie night! Turn off all the lights, wear your glow in the dark jewelry, turn on some music and have fun!! Grab some snacks your kid’s love – trust me they will thank you!

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